Monday, September 28, 2015

Leaving Tacoma

We finally have everything we need to head out. The plan is to leave on Thursday morning, October 1. Tacoma's been a nice place. Chrissy settled in well, and it is time for us to hit the road.

While waiting, we did go to the Washington History Museum and the Tacoma Glass Museum. They're both pretty awesome. The glass museum offers a free 8-week program for veterans to learn how to blow glass. Too bad I didn't know about it before just about time to leave. We all know I'da been trying to learn to blow glass. They also have classes for kids, and they exhibit their work. Some of these are pretty darned good!!

Like this 4-year-old

The exhibits in the main hall was very good. Two of the halls were between exhibits when we went, so I guess we'll just have to go back some other time.

The Chihuly Bridge was awesome, from the ceiling exhibit to the vases on the walls to the tall sculptures on the bridge.

Now, we're done sightseeing here, and it's time to get packed up and ready to go on Thursday. I'll try to post something every night when we stop, but no promises are being made.

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