Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trujillo, Peru

Even though we still haven't seen all we want to see in Ecuador (okay, to be honest, I'm the one with the South American bucket list, and Bruce is just along for the ride), we ventured to Peru one trip. We drove down the coast, spending the night at an awesome hospidaje in Zorrito, just outside of Tumbes, called Kapraia.

Arriving in Trujillo the following evening. 

In downtown Trujillo, the Plaza de Armas is lovely. The Freedom Monument sits in the middle of the square.

And lots of beautiful buildings on the streets surrounding it. Many of the buildings are open to the public during the day, including the church, and some house museums or government offices. I just had to get an evening shot of this church.

Outside of town, there are scores of pre-Incan ruins. It's amazing how well preserved they are. Some of them date back to 100 to 850 AD.

They feed you well in Peru! This was dinner. I got a lunch portion the next day. They promised me it wasn't so large, but it was almost the same size!!

I'm looking forward to our next trip through Peru!

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