Thursday, September 24, 2015

Point Defiance

Tacoma has a lot to offer, and while we're waiting to leave, we have spent a lot of time seeing different things. One of the highlights is Point Defiance. Point Defiance has a beautiful 5-mile drive through what appears to be old-growth forest, including the Mountaineer Tree, a 450-year-old Douglas Fir.

We didn't see any bald eagles while we were here (They do nest wild in the park.), but I did get  a shot of a woodpecker.

There are awesome trails throughout the park and a beach with a concession stand. They also have a zoo. This zoo has very good habitats with lots of room for the animals and enrichment activities. Some of the animals include a polar bear



And lots more

Definitely a place to visit. It took a few hours to see it all.

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