Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in Crestview, Florida

While we were stuck in Crestview, Florida, we didn't want to just sit in the hotel room, so we found this little wildlife refuge. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, it is a refuge, and the animals are supposed to be in transit to other facilities after being rescued from less appropriate habitats. Some of them appeared to have been here an awfully long time, though. They have programs where you can interact with the lemurs, lion, or sloth. We usually like these interactions, but the habitats were so desolate, we decided to pass at this place. Here is a pen split into sections. One part is for the lion and one for the Bengal tiger. There is no grass and very little shade in either enclosure.

The lion is lying under the shorter bench. The tiger is in the pen behind him. I think a camel was in the pen to the side.

They did have some peacocks that seemed well cared for and who were strutting around the park.

This was also the first time I tried out my new camera. Love the zoom on it!!

All in all, I can't recommend visiting this park.

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