Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Zoo Miami

One day while Chrissy (our daughter) was working at her internship, Bruce and I decided to drive down to Miami and take in the zoo. I told him we should have rented bicycles, but he thought we could go through the whole zoo without any problem. He admitted that I was right, and we should have rented bicycles! They had nice bench seats and everything. Shame he didn't listen to me.

But, we had a nice time. I hadn't bought the new camera yet, so I was still fighting with the extra lenses I had bought to use on my iPhone. They were okay, but it was really very hard to hold the phone steady for the level of magnification on the zoom. I don't think I'll be using them anymore, but they did good when they were the best I had.

Here are some pix from Zoo Miami.

Bruce photobombing the gorilla while she was playing with her T-shirt bands

An ibis

I love the bark from the rainbow trees. One day, I'll make it to Australia to see them where they live naturally.

This closeup of the emu head was really hard to get, but it was a really good excuse to lean up against the rail and rest my feet. We really should have gotten a bicycle!

Lots of fun at Zoo Miami! It's a really nice zoo, and the habitats for the animals are spacious with lots of enrichment options.

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