Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grand Canyon

Since we had a couple of days that I had already paid for the hotel in Prescott, we decided to do some sightseeing. On our first day, we were going to see Antelope Canyon, but it flooded overnight. We were about an hour away when they called and said they weren't doing tours.

So, we turned around and went to the Grand Canyon instead! What options!!

We stopped at a pull off before entering the park, and for it being just a preview of what was to come, it was awe inspiring. This was on the Navajo reservation. They weren't taking admission that day, but did accept our donation. I had a little vertigo initially, but it settled down.

Then, there was the Grand Canyon!

We took some time off the marked trails, too, but we didn't hike down to the bottom of the canyon. We didn't have time, and I'm not sure I'd have made it back up!

Definitely worth the trip. When we go back, I want to ride the burros down. That will take a little more planning that what we did, though.

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