Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The drive from Prescott, Arizona to Tacoma, Washington was grueling, but awesome!

It took us two days, and we didn't get many pictures. We started out in the morning from Prescott. It was lovely driving back down the mountain, especially going past the lake again.

The scenery was lovely, and Chrissy drove a significant part of the way, but I messed up and packed my camera, so no good shots through Northern Arizona or Southern Nevada.

We started having car trouble at just about the Arizona/Nevada state line, and actually had to pull off the road right before the Hoover Dam. We drove over the Hoover Dam, but never got to see it. With Annabelle (the car) not performing at her peak, we decided not to take the overlook so we could see it. Oh well. Bruce and I will just have to go back.

We pulled into Boulder City, Nevada and found a service center just before a storm blew in. They let us bring Grandkitty in while they checked the car. It was the transmission, and they got information from Nissan that we could keep driving it to Washington and get it replaced there (which we did - fully covered under warranty).. BC Auto Specialists in Boulder City was awesome! We got there late on Friday afternoon, and they dropped what they were doing to get us taken care of. They even contacted Nissan on our behalf to try to keep us from having to spend a weekend just waiting for someone to work on the car.

We drove through Vegas, but with Bruce not with us, we didn't stop in his mecca. So, no pix driving through Vegas.

Northern Nevada was very lonely. Few places to stop, even to just pull over and change drivers. Because of that, we stopped for the night in Austin, Nevada at a place called the Pony Canyon Motel. It was a nice little place, and the lady who runs it was so sweet. She loves cats. I asked for a small room with one bed and the extra fee for the cat. When I mentioned how long we had been traveling and how much further we had to go, the lady said the room I had rented wasn't big enough to let Grandkitty move around like she needs. So, she put us in a two-bedroom suite for the same cost!

We did let Grandkitty stretch her legs when we stopped for gas. She really isn't a fan of the outdoors, though, so she didn't stray far from her safety triangle.

 Until she decided we had been there long enough, and it was time to go. I think she was chanelling Toonces since she was headed for the driver's seat!

 By the time we hit Mt. Hood, and even more beautiful scenery, we were both beat, so still no good pix. We fell into bed when we found a hotel in Fife, Washington, just across the bridge from Tacoma.

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