Thursday, September 24, 2015

Banos de Agua Santa, Ecuador

The town of Banos de Agua Santa is a town in Ecuador located close to the active Tungurahua volcano. Mama Tungurahua was not active while we were there, though she started spewing ash again shortly after we left the area.

Aside from the volcano, Banos is mostly known for its waterfalls and extreme sports. Chrissy and I got suited up and on the platform, but chickend out when it came time to let go and do the zip line. I even had both feet in the air, but couldn't pick my hands up off the platform. Not a nice, leisurely ride along a wire. A fast zip (faster the heavier you are, so I would really be zipping) from high up on the mountain down to the valley. One day, I'll have the courage to do it. We were cute in our harnesses, though.

We were brave enough to do the Swing at the End of the World attached to the treehouse (La Casa del Arbol)!

You can really see the effects of the volcano here. This river bank was shiny, black obsidian, and it was gorgeous!

Bruce spent our time in Banos recouperating from the Amazon, but Chrissy and I did reach the Paillon del Diablo (Devil's Cauldron). It took us more than twice as long because I had to take so may breaks, and she pretty much pulled me up the mountain after a while, but it was definitely a sight to see! I recommend it to anyone.

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