Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 1- Tacoma, WA to Crescent City, CA

Well, after getting a late start, we did make it to California. As planned, the day was primarily driving with no sightseeing - that starts tomorrow.

The "Welcome to Oregon" sign on I-5 was a bit disappointing.

The bridge it was on was pretty cool. Shame the sun was straight on.

The "Welcome to California" sign was much better, but it was almost dark when we got there.

There were some awesomely huge trees by the road - right next to the road - probably couda touched the if I'da given it a good try, but it was way too dark to take pix. Can't wait to see them in the light when we hit the Avenue of Giants. Tonight they seemed so much bigger than I remember from 1982 when I went camping somewhere in the Calfornia Redwoods.

I'll try to post again tomorrow, and there should be much more to talk about.