Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 4 - Big Sur to San Diego

We started out this morning backtracking. We (meaning I) wanted to see more of the elephant seals and see if we could get some better pictures in better light. We did, and there was a representative from Friends of Elephant Seal in the rookery. He gave me lots of information. Apparently, these are pups who are not yet old enough to mate. They will be here for about another month, until the adult males come down from Alaska and run them off the beaches. There are both male and female pups here, but only the males do the chest butting. The oldest ones of these pups is about 4 to 5 years old, when they start growing their long nose.

Apparently, the South American version is larger, so I'm looking forward to seeing them in Argentina. The guy from Friends of the Elephant Seals is the first person I've run into up here who knows where my little town of Puerto Lopez is. He even asked if the Mandala was still there! Here are some pix and videos for your enjoyment!

This guy was adamant about not being ignored. So, I obliged him.

In the San Simeon/Cambria area, they really like their scarecrows. This was one of my favorite displays.

Soon afterward, the rains came. It was still pretty, but we weren't going to do much stopping. Even on Santa Claus Lane! In our defense, he apparently stayed inside, too!

And, I couldn't sing the song. When we crossed Ventura Highway, there was no sunshine.

The day began with the elephant seals and ended with dinner with a long-time, very dear friend and her family who I just met face-to-face for the first time this evening! An excellent day, even if it did rain on my parade!! LOL!


  1. It was SO great to finally meet you!! Great photos of the elephant seals! I hope you enjoy the Zoo tomorrow!

  2. I really enjoyed meeting you guys, too! We've been friends for so long! We're going to hold off on the zoo until after Bruce's teeth are done because of the rain, but thanks for the passes! They'll come in handy!