Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Food Trucks and Puppy Tracks

I know I haven't posted much recently.  I've had some problems with "flat tires", and I'm just not doing much going out or doing anything until I'm fully healed and can get back up to speed.  In the six months we've been back in the states, I've had mobility problems for at least three of them.  I can tell you one thing for sure.  Achilles' tendon problems HURT LIKE HELL!  First, they put me in a splint and told me to use crutches.  That was an experience.  I just couldn't manage it.

Then, they gave me a CAM boot, which was much better!

Just a few weeks after the left foot healed, the right foot went out.  Same problem.  Achilles' tendon, but this time we added the extensor tendon on the top of the foot so it took a little longer and hurt worse!  But, I'm back in walking shoes now.  No more flip-flops, and I have an appointment to have custom orthotics made.  Joy of joys!!  Oh, well. I'm trying to get my walking ability back up after being sedentary for so long, and then we'll start moving around again.

I've done a little hobbling while this has been going on, but not really very much.  That's why you haven't heard much from me.  Hopefully, that will be changing soon.

We went to the Food Truck Wars at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  I was a big fan of the spicy pork from the Korean BBQ Taco Box truck. The desert trucks were pretty good, too.  I have to admit, though.  I have no clue who actually won the war.  We were all just collateral damage, and happily so!

It's a lovely park

and the kids enjoyed playing by the fountain.

A bit later, we headed to the other side of the state, to the puppy tracks in St. Petersburg, Florida.  While it's not my favorite body of water, I do miss the Gulf Coast.  As we were getting ready to leave, a neighbor came over to visit, so we hung around for a bit.  When he went on his way, we headed to the track.

Bruce used to go watch the puppies run on many Sunday afternoons when we lived in the Tampa area, so off we headed on a Sunday afternoon.  We got to the dog track in time to learn that they no longer run on Sunday afternoons!  So, off we go, back to the forest.

When we went back for the Wednesday matinee, the parking lot had some cars in it, and they were open!  Yay us!!

We got a box almost across from the finish line.  I cheered for the bunny, and won every race!  See how far ahead he was??!!

The puppies had a good time chasing him, though!

Bruce likes to do some wagering, so he put down  few little bets.  Check out that trifecta - dogs 1+4+7!

And check out THAT trifecta!

Since Spring Break traffic was really bad, we took the side roads home.  We've gotten so that we tend to take them instead of the interstates these days.  The scenery is so much nicer than that along the interstate.  Passing through Inverness, we found the Red Barn Auction.  They had some neat stuff in the parking lot, but we especially liked the gecko on the water tower!

We stopped went by The Villages for dinner before going home.  I didn't realize parking spaces were the perfect size for TWO golf carts!

I'm hoping to get back on my feet again, and there are lots of things I want to do around here while working on that.  I have found an elephant sanctuary that I want to do soon!  And then, we should start heading toward parts unknown!

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