Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Historic Madison, Alabama

When US Hwy 70 got to Nashville, we turned south.  This time, we took the interstate.  The Nashville skyline is always lovely.  I especially like this shot of the Batman Building behind the football stadium.

We did stop at the welcome center when we crossed the Alabama State line.

A bit further down I-65, we got off the interstate.  Apparently, nobody knows what happens if you turn right.  We went left, though, so the world may never know.

We finally arrived in the stately town of Madison, Alabama.  Madison seems to have a booming peripheral area.  Plenty of restaurants, shopping malls, and other activities.  Being mostly surrounded by Huntsville and in close proximity to Redstone Arsenal, the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center, and many other high-tech industrial employers, the area is relatively affluent.  The offerings in the area reflect that.  But, there's a part of Madison that is reflective of a slower pace and less glitter.  Here, they still have park benches on the sidewalks so you can visit for a while.  It was a rainy day when I went, so they weren't being used, but I could envision old folks sitting on those benches whittling or drinking tea while talking about recent events.

Across from the row of shops is the railroad tracks.  For safety, there's an ironworks fence separating the tracks from the park beside them.

The park by the tracks is full of history.  There are two memorials for veterans, sorting out the vets by the war in which they lost their lives.

There was also a replica of the first city hall, called The Roundhouse.  We tried to walk up the steps and go inside, but the door was locked.

To top it off, throughout town, the old antebellum homes have been restored.  They each have little plaques in the front yard telling the year the home was built and the original owners.

Yes, the big tourist draw for the area is the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center.  I've been there multiple times, and it is an awesome place.  But, when you go, keep some time open to go off the beaten path and visit Madison, Alabama.  You'll be glad you did.

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